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Generic Name: Amoxicillin
Brands Names: Amoxil, Amoxicot, DisperMox, Moxatag, Moxilin, Trimox
Drug Class: Aminopenicillins
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What is Amoxil (Amoxicillin)?

The World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines includes one of the most widespread penicillin antibiotics Amoxil. The latter has Amoxicillin as its main active ingredient. What makes this medication so useful and practical, is the fact it is thoroughly harmless for children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. Amoxicillin is mostly prescribed for treating pneumonia, tonsillitis, bronchitis and other bacterial infections in such body parts as the throat, urinary tracts, skin, ears, etc.

How Amoxil (Amoxicillin) Works

The principle of Amoxicillin working is quite simple. The medication interferes with the synthesis of the organism’s bacteria and destroys the bacteria’s cells. This way the bacteria infecting the sick man’s organism ceases to develop and eventually dies out.
Quite often Amoxil is compared with Ampicillin, yet the latter is not as effective as the first one. The absorption of Amoxicillin is far better than that of Ampicillin.
However, despite the misinformation widespread among people, neither Amoxicillin nor any other antibiotics can deal with viral infections. That’s why there is no point in taking an antibiotic medication to cure flu or cold.

Amoxil (Amoxicillin) Paired With Other Medication

Before taking Amoxicillin with any other medication it is obligatory to consult with a doctor. The reason is that paired with certain medication types, Amoxil can either lose its effectiveness or strengthen the sides effects. For instance, if you use Amoxil with pemetrexed or methotrexate, expect severe dizziness, vomiting, nausea, anemia and low blood level. If paired wth Appopurol, Amoxil can cause a rash on your skin. And if doxycycline and achromycin lessen the effectiveness of Amoxicillin, Clavulanic acid, on the contrary, enhances it.

The Right Dosage Of Amoxil (Amoxicillin)

The right dosage and the length of the course for a particular patient are prescribed by the doctor. Take the drugs exactly how your doctor tells. Expect the medication affect your organism only after a couple of days. However, even if the symptoms of the illness vanish, keep on taking the medication until the end of the course. Otherwise, the disease won’t be overcome and is likely to repeat. Just the same way, don’t take Amoxicillin longer than prescribed.

Though it is recommended to take Amoxicillin at the same time every day, in the case of missing a dose, don’t double it the next time. You’d better miss it or take the wrong time, than experience an overdose. The latter will be expressed via extreme skin rash, very slow thinking, or even the illness seizures. Once you notice any of these symptoms, hurry to call an ambulance.

Amoxicillin comes in several forms including tablets (500 mg, 875 mg, 775 mg – Extended Release), chewing tablets (must be well chewed before swallowing – 125 mg, 250 mg), oral suspensions: 125 mg/5 mL (80 mL, 100 mL, 150 mL); 200 mg/5 mL (50 mL, 75 mL, 100 mL); 250 mg/5 mL (80 mL, 100 mL, 150 mL); 400 mg/5 mL (50 mL, 75 mL, 100 mL), and capsules (250 mg, 500 mg). Keep the drugs in a dry and dark place at a room temperature. If your Amoxicillin is in liquid form, remember to throw it away after you open it and don’t use for about two weeks.

Side Effects Of Amoxil (Amoxicillin)

Like any medication, Amoxicillin has its side effects. Among the most common and harmless symptoms, we can count vaginal itching, stomach discomfort or pain, diarrhea, nausea, headache, the feeling of a swollen tongue. However, though very seldom, more serious side effects might be experienced. These can come via fever, trouble in breathing, pains in joints and muscles, sores in your mouth and skin, bloody diarrhea, etc. In such cases, seeing a doctor immediately becomes a must. The same must be done when experiencing an allergic reaction to the medication.


The first contraindication is addressed to those patients who have an allergy to penicillin, as well as any other antibiotics with this component. Before your doctor prescribes you Amoxil, don’t forget to tell him/her about such illnesses as a kidney or liver disease, asthma, mononucleosis, medication allergies, and blood clot disorder. In case the patient has phenylketonuria, he/she is never prescribed chewing drugs, as the latter have this component.
And the last contraindication is addressed to breastfeeding mothers. Though the medication is known to be harmless for them, it may anyway have a certain impact on the baby. That’s why do never take Amoxicillin without your doctor prescribing it to you.

Amoxil (Amoxicillin) reviews

Will Piatek Will Piatek avatar

I do not have a very pleasant experience with Amoxil. But I have to blame myself for it. Once I had bronchitis. The doctor prescribed Amoxil, 1 tablet twice a day. It took it for five days. I was treated for three days, and bronchitis passed. The cough was over, the temperature’s gone – everything was wonderful. So I decided: enough to be treated, it’s time to work! I threw the pills into the first-aid kit and forgot about them. Three days later I began to cough a little – I thought it was nonsense, just some residual effects. A couple of days later, a weakness fell over me. When the temperature raised, I understand that the disease has returned. I called a doctor. The therapist said that I already have pneumonia! It was necessary to be treated anew. So, this drug helps. But you do not need to change the treatment plan. If I take Amoxil as it should be according to the scheme, I did not really get any pneumonia.

Michelle Michelle avatar

I’m familiar with this antibiotic and I agree that this is an effective drug. Helped me and my husband with treatment, it has a wide range of activities. It is good that there were no side effects so you did not have to drink meds against dysbiosis. Helped me to treat an exacerbation of an inflammation of kidneys (a pyelonephritis). Also it helped my mom in the cystitis treatment. So it’s pretty universal drug.

Roberto Roberto avatar

Each time I am exposed to the cold for longer without adequately covering my body, I am cold and coughing. Immediately I start the effect of bronchitis. I begin to cough. I feel very nervous and I feel very sick. There is no mood to do any activity. Feeling tired and aching body. This situation remains for a long time if I do not take medicine and ultimately disappear quickly if I start taking antibiotics. Amoxicillin is the most effective drug for my bronchitis. I feel very comfortable having finished the prescribed dose. It has no side effects for me and I immediately get relief from my painful bronchitis. Thanks to Amoxil.

Daniel Daniel avatar

I have bacterial pneumonia with 2 points in my lungs after the flu. There is not much nasal compromise. Bad headache, body aches, fever and chills. Dry and deep cough. Levaguin started by IV in the emergency room, but within an hour they gave me hives in the mouth and neck and lightly itched everything, then 3 bouts of projectile vomit. Then tested Clavimycin but developed hives after 2 days. Both medicines helped me feel better and the headache and fever disappeared. Now on Amoxil, twice a day. Symptoms are slowly improving. Just a little loose stool.

JD JD avatar

I was prescribed this med for strep throat. 10 capsules, 1 per day, 2 days after I’m already feeling much better.

Tony Tony avatar

This is the one I use most when I am sick. All my doctors prescribe this antibiotic and it always works. I have respiratory tract infections every god damn year and this works fine without any problems.

Brad Mitchell Brad Mitchell avatar

I was prescribed generic version of this for my sinus infection. After a few days of completing Amoxicillin for 3 tablets x 500mg per day had an allergic reaction (hives, a bit itching). Now after 8 day it still itches, but less. So I can advise you to drink a lot of water, don’t take other antibiotics. I would not recommend using this antibiotic.

Sheila Waters Sheila Waters avatar

I’m sorry for those who have an allergic reaction to this amoxicillin antibiotic. I am allergic to doxycycline and leviquin but this one works fine for me!

Dannie Lee Dannie Lee avatar

My tooth was hurts after a refill, so after returning to the dentist the X-ray showed that I had a slight infection near the nerve. I prescribed this amoxicillin and started taking it on the day, I took 2 of my 3 tablets so far. On the first day and I can say that the pain has gone considerably, for the first time in a week I am not in pain. Hope this handles the infection right, but so far so good!

Rebekah Rebekah avatar

Hello! Today, my review of the drug – Amoxil. It was prescribed by a doctor in conjunction with other drugs. From the whole list, it was the cheapest drug, I was even surprised, a nasal spray costs $ 15, but an antibiotic only $1 per tablet. I came home, read the testimonials and even more doubted. But then I decided to trust the opinion of a specialist and started taking this antibiotic. The package contains 30 colored pills. I took it for the treatment of tonsillitis. 1 pill – 3 times a day. Two days it took the medicine to almost completely remove the symptoms of the disease. There were no side effects. In addition, I also took Acidophilus. Conclusion: based on my experience, I can say that the drug is effective. Quickly works, without any side effects. But be careful – the drug has CONTRAINDICATIONS! My score is five stars.